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Lots of companies now use Twitter as a form of customer support / PR, but in the wake of the latest Twitter Phish run involving, er, colon cleansing...the account for BTCare (British Telecom) seems to have fallen victim to the same scam.

What particularly alarms me here is that no sooner than the BT account has been notified and cleaned up, it's back to what they normally do which involves - wait for it - resolving customer support issues by sending (and asking for) information related to customer accounts via Direct Message!

Wait, your account was apparently compromised not so long ago and now you're back to asking for account details via Direct Messages on Twitter?

No, no, no. Although the above message is probably legit, I really don't think firing information related to telephone accounts should be done via a third party system such as Twitter, especially when you've just been phished - not exactly a Ben Stiller circle of trust going on here, is it?

Frankly, they're lucky the account hijacker was only interested in sending out colon cleansing messages - I'd hate to think what kind of information could have been sitting in their Direct Message tray...
Worth noting that people are still reporting Direct Messages of a "do not click" variety coming through on Twitter, all of which lead to Very Bad Things (TM) depending on what nefarious campaign happens to be doing the rounds at any given time.

Should anybody send you a DM that mentions humorous things taking place in videos - like this one, for example:

dmroguetwitterlinkz1.jpg should avoid it like the plague. Otherwise, you're in for some phishing fun which is surely a contradiction in terms.


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