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My trip to India...


...because you want to hear all about it, don't you?

/ hypno-eyes

See, here's the deal. I traveled to India in January, to take part in a Spyware research summit in Bangalore. There, I would meet the guys from the US and the guys based in India. A jolly good time would be had by all. Now, I know what you're thinking. Oh noes, you're thinking - the dates, they are all messed up.

Well, yes and no.

See, I can't backdate my entries before the date the Spywareguide Weblog was launched - that'd be stupid. Plus, I'd have to invent time travel, and I'm just too busy at the moment. So, rather than have a permanent record of my travels forever stored in the limbo that is, I thought I'd haul a whole bunch of stuff over here complete with some new entries. Yes, the dates are out of whack, but then if you visit the "Travel" section everything is in order anyway. Dates really don't matter too much when you're busting spyware and feeling ill (more on that next time). You just gotta' roll with it, baby.

So yeah...strap yourself in and prepare for travelling aplenty.

You're gonna' need more jiggawatts.

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