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Targeted Spam Ahoy

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We're currently seeing a lot of reasonably clever targeted spam, which claims to be from the admins of your mailing service, customer / technical support etc with a rather convincing "we've updated your settings, click here to apply" blurb below it. Quite a few people at FaceTime had one (or more!) drop into their mailbox last night and today, and it's definitely doing the rounds. None of the links I've seen so far appear to be live, but if you hover over the live link in the mail you'll see domains like

As every domain I've seen so far appears to be offline I've no idea if these are attempted phish attacks or involve malware, but you might want to let people in your office know that these things are floating around. You'd be surprised how many smart people will happily trust a mail like this and click, click, click away...

/ Update - these domains are related to the Zeus Trojan, and should be treated with caution. Thanks to Kurt Wismer for the heads up.


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