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Laziest Spam Ever

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I guess the people behind this missive were too full of Xmas leftovers or something, because instead of plastering links all over the place, they're letting the forum regulars do all the hard work instead:


That's right, YOU'RE supposed to "provide details" of XRumer (King of Spamming programs), which is sort of ironic considering the forum spammer likely used XRumer to post these messages in the first place.
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231,000 results for the guy posting the spam message? I guess we can see XRumer really does work, though that's not exactly comforting....

Here's an interesting spam gimmick - do a search for something in Google / Yahoo / whatever:
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.....meanwhile, the bad guy has stuffed a bunch of keywords into a Flickr screenshot page, then inserted one of those wonderful stock trading spam messages into the screenshot area. When people arrive at his Flickr page, they see this:
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....awesome. In fact, this particular profile is stuffed to bursting point with keywords galore leading to yet more trading spam...
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......and a pile of Viagra / cheap software garbage, too:
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What site will the spammers ruin next?


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