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You know, if you're a spammer then sure - you can be fancy and innovative and send your PDFs and your FDFs. But sometimes, it all gets too much. What do you do? Easy, take your foot off the gas and simply send me a URL which leads to....
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....a page on Yahoo Finance. Guys, please - you're just not trying hard enough this week...!

I think this EMail has some identity issues it needs to resolve. The top of the mail is designed to look like it's from EBay:
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....though the pills (instead of TVs and MP3 Players) sort of give it away.

However, scroll down and just under the plethora of pills, we have...
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.....a collection of entirely genuine links to EBay, which will teach you all about "protecting yourself from spoof (fake) EMails".

There's humour in there somewhere.


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