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Yes, our least-favourite Facebook "friend" is back on the scene, infecting PCs as it goes. This time round, the scam involves taking you to a fake Youtube page (that actually looks more like a Myspace player...doh), claiming it's a "Secret video from Tom". Click the video, download the supposed "Flash player update" and run it to ruin your weekend.

If you want to go down a different route however, when you see a message like this from your friend:

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Delete it, and let your friend know they have a problem that needs fixing in a hurry! As you can see, most of the messages in this latest wave play on the fear of being seen in "mysterious" videos being spread across the web. The main one being publicised at the moment is a message with the title 'You look just awesome in this new movie.' However, there are plenty more variations out there - the one above, for example, says "Don't worry; the whole Net will see this video".

For the curious, the fake video player page will look something like this:

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We detect this as Koobface, rather unsurprisingly!


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