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Observed being fired around via mail, private message, posted directly onto profile pages....


An emotional plea from the heart, except that there's no mention of how this works, how anyone is tracking the number of messages sent through Facebook and turning it into money, where it's donated to, why it's talking about "Email" when it's actually being posted onto FunWall applications on Facebook...etc.

Here's another chain letter observed in November - I wonder how many more are out there?

Just a quick note to mention that I've seen this floating around various facebook pages (usually in the comments sections of profile pages):


I should stress, there's no indication of this being posted as a result of an infection or anything like that, but it does seem curious that people would start randomly posting the above on their friends pages, even if doing such a thing was funny, oh, about five years ago.

For those who don't know what pressing ALT + F4 does, here you go.


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