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Sometimes, things will crawl out of the closet whether you want them to or not. In this case, the closet-dweller happened to be an ex-employee of 180 Solutions. Make sure you check the interview between the ex-180 guy and Jimmy Daniels over at ReveNews. It's one of the best chinwags regarding the inner-workings of an Adware company I've ever seen. In fact, it was so cool I managed to get it on Slashdot.

Why?....because it's always good to see a bad guy taken down, right?

A VICTORIAN has been charged over a series of high-profile international internet hacking attacks.

The 22-year-old man was arrested in Melbourne early yesterday after a joint state and federal investigation into the sophisticated attacks on internet relay chat servers in Australia last year, the federal police said.
Belgium's federal computer crime unit tipped off Australian authorities about the attacks, which used remotely controlled computer networks known as botnets.

The US, Singapore and Austria were also affected by the hacking attacks on Australian IRC servers.

More here.

Look Out Below!


Yep, time for some Paperghost-styled mayhem on the blog. Crank that amp up to 11 and get me some replacement drummers, because by the time we're done here, the Adware guys will be saluting a half-inflated dark lord and we shall reign supreme as the world's greatest rock and roll group. Or something.

....hey, is this mike on or what?

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