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The below site:

should be avoided, as it's nothing more than a cheap con trick. The gag works like this - you go out and buy an iTunes card (which use codes that are redeemed inside iTunes to credit your account).

Then you see the above website promising it can double your points and start to feel a little greedy. Here is the "multiplier":

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Yes, you too can enter your own code and send it to a stranger, safe in the knowledge that in a few minutes they'll have registered your code to their account. Still, buying music for scammers is very philanthropic. I guess.

I particularly enjoy the lame technobabble that scam sites such as this employ; this one is better than most, for comedy if nothing else.

"Here at our site, we work with some of the best names in computer debuggers and specialists to make things like this possible.  Over many months of research, our programmers have determined a way to multiply iTunes card's value.  What happens is:

Once you enter your iTunes cards information into our Multiplier, it is sent to our servers where our team runs it with a private program called WINMILL.  This program sends the information as a link directly to Apple Inc., who credits the card with extra uses."


I guess we know what the scammer sees when he opens his curtains each morning...

Formula One Phishing

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The racing season might well be underway, but it's a good idea to be careful where your logins are concerned.

The following domain:

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Is trying to entice users of popular Social networking site Orkut to login to their accounts - or, to be mre accurate, is trying to entice fans of Ferrari cars to login to their Orkut accounts. You can't really miss the huge Ferrari logo in the middle - the earliest google cache of the site is a few days before the first race in Melbourne, around the 24rd of March. Odd coincidence, that.

In case you're wondering, the text (in Portuguese) roughly translates as follows:

"Connect with friends and family using scraps and instant messaging
Meet new people through friends of friends and communities
Share your videos, pictures, and passions all in one place"

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess the phisher won't even get a speeding ticket...

There are emails in circulation directing end-users to the following web site:

It's a Paypal phish with an added "bonus" - when you visit the page from the mail, you're presented with the following message:

"You Have Successfully Confirmed your account information.

The New Anti Fraud System has been successfully added to your PayPal account."

Entirely false, of course - nothing has been added. There's also a short ramble about additional security features:

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Click the continue button, and you're taken to the inevitable phish page.



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