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I've steered one person away from indulging in the below craziness, and I thought it might be worth mentioning. If you're looking for P2P programs, take note of the following screenshot:


The program on the right is a version of eMule downloaded directly from the official website. After installing it, you'll see...well....eMule:

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The program on the left is - so they claim - the same version as the one above. However, trying to install it will present you with this a little way into the install:

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Yes, you need to send two SMS messages at a cost of 3.00 GBP to obtain an "installation code" that lets you continue with the install. Whether this works, I have no idea. It goes without saying that you should avoid the SMS nonsense and go directly to the official website.

There's quite a few of these around for numerous P2P programs:

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It's easy enough to spot the websites pushing these "pay to install" versions, as they all look very similar and cookie-cutterish:

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It's about the first time I've been thankful for hideous websites....

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