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Spotted in the wild (like they're spotted anywhere else!)

Apparently the following happened while someone tried to view a blog post:


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A fake "your system may be infected" popup. Note the site it launches from is one of the more aggressive types (it shrinks your browser down into the bottom corner, and won't let you do anything other than cycle in an endless loop of popups until you agree to download the file being pushed).

These kind of attacks occur because of rogue adverts being pushed into advertising space, which is likely what happened here. If you are unfortunate enough to be trapped by an attack like this, don't panic - just do a CTRL+ALT+DEL and close the browser window...
In the last few days, we've discovered a program that attempts to get around certain privacy related features on Myspace groups (which are effectively mini-forums run by Myspace users). Note that the program doesn't attempt to do anything to individual end-users like infect their PC - and as long as you're not posting up personal / private information to Myspace groups that you don't want to risk being grabbed by nefarious individuals, you have nothing to worry about. (As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn't post sensitive information to any third-party website in any case, but that's another story).

We're not posting up any additional information at this time, because we don't want to cause a mass stampede by people to grab the files in question and start using them left, right and center until Myspace has had a chance to tackle the problem.

For now, we've passed on everything to Myspace and hopefully they'll be able to resolve this speedily.
Interesting article over at PCWorld:

One of the first social networking upstarts, MySpace, is facing continuing security problems that threaten to spoil many of the innovative features that make the site useful.

Hackers, spammers and Internet malcontents have turned many of the "group" sites, which are dedicated to interests such as home beer brewing, animal welfare and gay rights issues, into cyber-graffiti walls, filled with offensive comments and photographs.

Link here.


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