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A new one to watch out for - a random friend request which turns out to be a page littered with horrendous spelling mistakes and the promise of getting rich quick:


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Some of the better ones include "Ah Now Dont Give Me that Griny Smile huh ..!", "I was Enving him" and my personal favourite, "Look Here i am sharing this with all Myspacian's".

..........oh-kay. Clicking the link takes you to a paid survey site, which throw up a popup saying "
I will NEVER share your information with ANYONE! I hate spam as much as you do."

Someone should tell that to whoever signed up to their affiliate program...

The fake Windows Update popup has been doing the rounds on Myspace for a long time (we're talking at least June 2007). Every now and again it returns, usually varying the payload. Well, here we have an example where Phishing is involved and a sneaky imitation of a well known security program is thrown in for good measure. Find out more after the jump...

It's A Trap!

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I had this waiting for me in my Myspace friend request box today:


...uh. I had pegged this as a standard fake profile, but the addition of the personalised "Why, hello there" message wasn't something I'd seen before with one of these fake profile requests. A look at the profile, and...
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.....strange - not the usual fake profile hurling adverts for ringtones, Adware and who-knows-what at me. It's a bit arty, a bit daring - certainly in your face, but for once, it's not adverts and scams in your face, and that's a refreshing change. Could it all go wrong with the "About Me" text though?


Apparently not. There's no mention of the latest Viagra pills or even a webcam. This is weird. It's almost too good to be true.


Click anywhere on the page, and (courtesy of an invisible overlay)....
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Doh! And we were doing so well for a while there...


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