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[7:10:30 AM] Paperghost says: Hey, did you get a chance to look at that thing I found yesterday?

[7:10:39 AM] Peter Jayaraj says: Yep, it's an interesting collection of applications...let me explain
[7:13:50 AM] Peter Jayaraj says: The List Master - this is used to breakup the Emails...
[7:14:05 AM] Peter Jayaraj says: if you have 10,000 emails to crack.. you can split up 5K at a time..
[7:14:16 AM] Peter Jayaraj says: you can extract email Ids based on keyword.

[7:14:31 AM] Paperghost says: Nice. Fill me in on the other ones

[7:15:22 AM] Peter Jayaraj says: List Processor - this is used to clear blank lines in the file.

[7:16:45 AM] Peter Jayaraj says: Myspacefriendfinder is used to find friends on Myspace using keywords.

[7:18:07 AM] Peter Jayaraj says: "OnceIsEnough" is used to remove the duplicates.

[7:18:16 AM] Paperghost says: And at that point, you roll out Myspace Demon and go crack some Myspace accounts?

[7:18:32 AM] Peter Jayaraj says: Yep

[7:19:19 AM] Peter Jayaraj says: So all these apps can be used together effectively.

[7:19:35 AM] Paperghost says: Very effectively, from the looks of it...!

It's really not a great idea to fill up Phish pages with fake data, but I couldn't help laugh when I saw this missive at the bottom of one particular password drop:



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