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Hear some of my thoughts on the recent spate of Myspace hacks here (direct download), courtesy of SCMagazine.


...a charming bulletin. And here's his page from a few hours ago:
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...Tesla, running wild.

I couldn't imagine a crazier way to get yourself some attention from the hacking crew you want to join than taking out one of the biggest "phenomenons" on Myspace then following it up with the Hilary Duff music page, but there you go. The page content doesn't appear to have had anything malicious placed on it, but the individual behind the hacks couldn't resist sending out a few bulletins.


Here's a few versions of the hacked page:
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Note that Tila is extremely popular on Myspace, and has 241,4669 friends. In fact, she's one of the top three music profiles on all of Myspace:
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If the hacker had placed something malicious on the page......Houston, we'd have a problem.

Finally, the motivation behind the attack is revealed:
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Check out the text at the bottom of the screen:

"Well my names Tesla I like to hack I think Tilas a hottie and uh I wanna join team Kryogeniks!"

Sadly for Tesla, I don't think he'll be getting a membership card through the door anytime soon because if we jump over to the Kyrogeniks website (handily provided for us via the content of the bulletin sent out from the hacked Hilary Duff account):


....we find that Tesla might not be the flavour of the month on the Kryogeniks board:
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I'm sure he didn't include getting their forum canceled in his plan for Internet stardom, but oh well. Shall we take a look around and see what we can find? Let's start with a cached version of their forum:
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In all honesty, there's not a lot there - a few mentions of "phish pages needed" and the usual cracks / hacks. Let's keep looking - wait, do we have something on Sure looks that way:


"Seems to have been hacked"? I'd be more impressed, if the user who submitted the story didn't share his username with the site being given shout-outs in the bulletin. Sigh. Nothing like a little self publicity, I guess. Turning our attention back to Tesla, we can see he's a noob on their forum:
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...but other than that, not a lot is known about him at this point.

/ Addendum - We've just discovered that Justin Timberlake had his page compromised in the same way by Tesla.

I'll update this blog entry with more information as it comes in...


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