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The last few days, we've noticed a number of Myspace profiles hacked. Nothing unusual there, you might think - however, this approach is somewhat different.


Because the attackers only seem to be hacking the pages of various rock bands, overlaying them with a huge "background image" that covers a sizable chunk of the page then either tries to redirect you to fake Media Codec installs, or (as far as we can tell from the messages being posted on some Myspace Bulletins) Phishes your Myspace login details. Check this out:
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It's a page for a band called "A New Dawn" - notice at the bottom of the screen, there's a .cn URL - that's where all the action takes place. From there, the attack seems to rotate between exploits, fake Media Codec installs and apparent phish attempts. Shall we look at the code?


Note the "background image" is a URL. This isn't the only band to have been hit by this:


...and, if we look at some of the comments left on their pages, it's obvious that the attackers aren't too concerned who notices it:
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If you check out the steps made in a typical hijack, this is what happens on your PC:


If you check the source code for the final step of this particular journey, you'll see this:


..from this "movie site" comes - you've guessed it - a fake codec installer:
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Install this, and you're only a few moments away from "security toolbars":
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....desktop wallpaper hijacks, rogue security applications giving dire warnings of infection and who know what else. More alarmingly, there have been a few people on Myspace claiming that their accounts have been "phished" after clicking into one of these hacked pages - indeed, there are already a number of bulletins floating around regarding this issue:
Click to Enlarge there we have it. Targeting nothing but Myspace band profiles is an interesting tactic - hack one of the more popular bands, and a steady stream of potential victims will be winging their way to your hijack of choice. As the overlay covers most of the page, it doesn't leave the end-user with much margin for error. For what it's worth, we detect this as BandJammer.

Rock and roll - it'll be the death of you....

Research Summary Write-Up: Chris Boyd, Director of Malware Research
Technical Research: Chris Mannon, FSL Senior Threat Researcher

Normally a piece of spam on Myspace all depends on it pretending to look like something other than what it is. Right? That's just common sense. So I can't tell if the rash of similar spam hits I've had in the last few days is the spammer being honest or just plain bored.
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