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Yep, more fake profile Friend requests. These ones are a little more interesting than usual, though.

First of all, this thing popped into my Inbox:


It's pretty obvious that this profile screams out "fake", so off we go to take a look and....
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....we see a big banner claiming "Need cash fast use easy Paypal system" with a blog entry proclaiming "$400 to Paypal". If you click the banner, you're taken to a site called "":
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I'd love to be able to tell you what the software on this site does that will generate you so much money, but to find out you have to send ?19.99, apparently without any idea as to what you're going to purchase.

Interestingly, if you Google, the top result (sitting above a number of pages on Myspace that have had this banner posted to them) is rather strange:
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"Myspace Hacking / Welcome Welcome to myspacehacking we are the leading email account & myspace password recovery websites on the internet today."

....guess we'll go pay it a visit then.
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Apparently, you can pay between $60 to $75 dollars to recover a lost password for a variety of Email systems, and the site also offers a number of downloads of the Password crack / recovery variety. Some are free, but the one listed in orange needs to be paid for - no idea what it does though:
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If you click around on the front page for a while, you'll see this message appear at the top of the screen (viewable in the main shot of the site above):


I'm guessing this was only supposed to be viewable if you were rummaging round their HTML source, but oh well. Some more exploring on Myspace follows, and it seems a wave of spam profiles have been set up with the express intention of pimping the Vid-share URL:
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This one is extremely interesting, as (aside from the Vid-Share spam) it also has this in one of the blog entries:
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"Do you need a Myspace password

Get your passwords here"

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be any cached version of the (currently down) site, so there's no way to check it out and compare it against the sites already mentioned. However, we DO seem to have an overabundance of spam profiles:
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....aren't we the lucky ones?


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