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More On The Botnet Bust...


Check out my interview with From the article:

"We had a tip-off from an individual known as RinCe," Chris Boyd, security research manager at FaceTime, told "With his assistance, we were able to map the activities of these groups in great detail. From there, it was a case of analyzing all the files, making the right connections, finding compromised servers and gathering more data."

...and how sweet it is.

When you're done there, we have more coverage on Techweb :

"They're using the kitchen sink approach times one hundred," said Boyd.

As far as notable quotables go, that's a cliche-laden screamer, wouldn't you say? On the other hand, it's a more than accurate description of the scam at hand. Stay frosty...

Not good, is it? Bad guys using custom built scripts to steal card data from payment databases. Botnets. Adware installs. The whole nine yards. For a quick summary of what we found, read this, and this. When you're done with those, you might want to check out our interview with the guy who provided the initial tip-off, RinCe.

My humble opinion? One of the nastiest scams I've come across, and proof (if it were needed..which it isn't) that kids are happily swapping your card details like Pokemon cards and they really couldn't care less. Bottom line - start thinking protection, or else it'll soon be a case of damage limitation.


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