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The 59 Top Influencers in IT Security

We had the great fortune of having two members of Facetime's research team named on's Top Influencers in IT Security list. It is truly a highpoint to be recognized on the same page as security influentials like Amrit Williams, Alan Shimel, Richard Stiennon, Dr. Anton Chuvakin, and Bruce Schneier to name only a few.

The 59 Top Influencers in IT Security
Our list of the most influential security experts of 2007 - from corporate tech officers and government security types, to white hat hackers and bloggers.

You can see the full list here.

The Legendary Paperghost

Our own Chris Boyd, director of malware research, who also pens the "kung-fu style"- is certainly deserving of this honor. Chris contributes not only here, but indy style at putting in countless hours to track down the story, frame it so that others can understand the nature of the threat and to make security interesting for everyone in a flair that is completely unique. That was one of the goals we set when we started blogging many, many months ago. To help communicate the story about online security and greynets in a human fashion- in a "real" fashion that we hoped would resonate, educate and interest people from all walks of life.

Team Honor

I was placed on the list for this blog by name, and being a blog veteran of several years, I help lead up the efforts. However, it must be clarified this is a team blog- an ongoing work of collaboration. You may often see my name heading entries or included in research and more frequently see Mr. Boyd's moniker (Paperghost), but there are many others that contribute in many different ways- often quietly and behind the scenes.

We try to recognize individuals in entries when they wish to be recognized (some actually do not) because it takes the hard work of a concerted team, working in unison, to go traveling to some of the places we must go and to face off with some of the situations we encounter. Often these people behind the scenes don't receive the public accolades they deserve or broad recognition. These are people who often pursue a lead on their own, run an ethereal trace, help gather the pieces of a complex puzzle, run extra forensics, or simply ask the right questions.

Sometimes just asking the right questions can lead to big breakthroughs.

With that in mind I am happy The Greynets Blog is recognized as an influential force in IT Security. I am happy we have had the support of our executive staff who believed the effort was worthwhile, and granted us the freedom and trust to message in our own voice and style and from where we chose. It has been exciting, tiring and much like a rollercoaster at times. However, one could not ask for a more dedicated team of individuals and diverse voices. Most importantly thanks to the readers, volunteers and colleagues who work with us day-in-day-out, to put the heat on the streets and get the message out...

Be vigilant, be smart, and travel with care.

Check out this piece over at ITWeek. I offer up a few thoughts on the current craze for Chinese Adware and Malware - more and more, this stuff is starting to spread outside the confines of China itself and out into the West. There's a near limitless supply of these infections at the moment, and while a lot of it is throwaway rubbish (or older, rehashed files) some of the more advanced specimens are doing pretty clever things and proving extremely hard to remove in the process....

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