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"These Web sites are just bottomless pits of useful information" for phishers, identity thieves and others, said Chris Boyd, security research manager at FaceTime Communications, an Internet security firm. Raiding them, he said, is the equivalent of "Dumpster diving." Link

A good article regarding the perils of Myspace - some interesting facts and figures, along with this (vaguely worrying) quote:

"MySpace now is trying to hire attorneys and additional security experts to make improvements, Nigam said."

...considering the scope of Myspace, shouldn't this sort of setup already be in place?

While recently in Spain (doing a sort of QA session on the latest spyware threats), I was surprised to find they wanted a short video session too, so here it is. Nothing technical - just an entry level ramble about basic protection, the risks of unsafe Instant Messaging and a bunch of other stuff.

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