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Our friends at CastleCops' body of work is truly ground breaking and it has always been a pleasure to collaborate and exchange knowledge with Paul Laudanski, Microsoft MVP Windows-Security, on his projects into malware and phishing research. They will soon be giving away over $130,000 in donations from companies who recognize how valuable CastleCops and their body of volunteers have been to the Net. We have had the honor to work with them over the years and wish them continued success.

FaceTime supports independent efforts like because they mirror facets of our own research philosophy, recognizing the value of talking to Netizens, listening to clients and participating in the community at large.

Internet security is a vast problem that is not only technological in scope, but social as well. Social problems - by their very nature - are often best tackled by businesses and people working together. Leaders like Paul Laundanski are important catalysts in driving communities which create venues for open dialogue, frank conversation and education. We are grateful to have the opportunity to contribute.

Learn more about, their 5-year anniversary celebration, and the various prizes made available to members. It is a great place to learn more about computers, security in general, and to be a part of the security community. Their achievement is a glowing testament on the impact motivated individuals, working together toward common goals, can achieve. From training their volunteer staff in anti-malware, phishing, and rootkit academies and through additional services, including forums, news, reviews, and continuing education CastleCops is a genuine and valuable resource for all.

More from

Brian Krebbs at Washington Post reports.

Colleague Bill P. of WinPatrol.

More coverage at:

MorningStar News

Doing research is often a mind-wracking excursion, but it is great to learn the hard work pays off.

Our RTGuardian is designed for Enterprise protection and Network Testing Labs Calls the RTGuardian 'A World Class Internet Gateway'. The RTG specifically attacks the growing IM and P2P problem and can attack the spyware problem too. Thumbs up!

From the release.

RTG Detects 100 Percent of IM Protocols, 99 Percent of P2P Protocols and 96 Percent of Malware, Spyware and Adware, and Effectively Detects and Controls Skype

FOSTER CITY, Calif., July 18 /PRNewswire/ -- FaceTime Communications, the leading provider of solutions for securing and managing greynets, today announced that Network Testing Labs (Mobile, Ala.), the world's foremost independent security testing facility, has recognized the RTGuardian 500 with an "excellent" rating based on five key criteria: identifying and thwarting malware, ease of use, reports, installation and documentation.

Now back to more research...

Level: Advanced

While conducting log analysis around a new web application we have been developing the ever vigilant Obijan
noticed what appears to be an individual using automated tools to probe the application
in several nefarious ways. We can also assume that they are running the same styles of attack
on all forms sitewide.

In the "because I can" department: As an exercise in messing with the Google Maps API, I have started geocoding some of the addresses of creators of (adware and other) products that we have in the spywareguide database. Then with a little php and javascript glue, made a nice overview map on it.

Click here: List of Software Vendors to see it in action. (Please no yelling if it doesn't work. It's not even beta.)

Some observations already ([Insert disclaimer about small dataset here]):

- These companies seem to cluster together. You can notice some definite grouping. Coincidence?

- Some of them have really neat offices. Select one, zoom in to max level and switch to "satelite mode" to see them.

- Look at some of the exotic locations! Here is one in Hawaii!

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