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Time To Go

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Well, it's never good when you have to hang around in the airport for four hours until your plane can leave, but free Internet access in the terminal and the genius that is Changi Airport sorted that out.

Why genius?

Well, you know all the messing about you have at airports - the check in, the passport waving and (worst of all) the ENDLESS DELAYS caused by funneling the entire airport through those stupid X-Ray scanners and pat-me-downs and all the rest of it?

Not here.

You go to the "leave here" bit, show your passport and you are INSTANTLY in duty free.

But wait, I hear you cry, how can you be in duty free without the security checks? Surely you could just take any old thing onto the planes, security hazard etc etc.

Well, no. See, if you want to buy something and take it on the plane (like a bottle or whatever), you simply ask at the counter and they put it in special "airport approved" bags.

So, where are the security checks?

Oh, easy. You just hang around wherever you like until an hour before your flight leaves, and then go to the glass-encased departure lounge for your flight. They have the pat-down, the X-Ray machine and the security scanner inside your departure lounge, so you only go through the checks with the other people from your flight INSTEAD of the entire airport.

Which is, you know, genius.

I love this place.

Anyway, enough from me. You can see (most) of my photographs from the Singapore trip here. For the purposes of this blog entry, I'm now going to pretend I'm just getting on the plane instead of having already been home for something like a week and a half. Decompression, you gotta' love it.

Food Ahoy

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Not that I have any particular obsession for food, but, you is awesome.
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....nope, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Uh.....something in a bowl, please.
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...wait, didn't I order noodles? I'm pretty sure they're not noo - uh - never mind.
Click to Enlarge strips-of-pork-in-a-broth-of-something-or-other I ever had.

Singapore: Time To Talk

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See that building in the middle? No, not that one, the other one. Yeah, there you go. That's Copthorne Kings, where we'd be doing our talky-conference thing for a whole bunch of people. Unfortunately on the morning of the presentation I was dropped off on the other side of a particularly nasty dual carriageway at the wrong hotel. Much Run Lola Run style hilarity ensued as I has to seek out an overpass and leg it to the right hotel with minutes to go.

Eventually I ran into the right lobby to be greeted by this:
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....which was a bit more promising than the entirely blank stares handed to me by the dudes in the wrong hotel. (You'll notice that, rushed as I was, I still had time to take a picture. That's because there is always time to take a picture). A quick dive into the elevator and....
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...I'm making my excuses and entering, which is odd because it's usually the other way round. Oh well. Before I knew it, the organiser had dispensed with his incredibly brief introduction and it was on with the show.
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There were a number of talks on the day, the majority of which focused on presenting the audience with various kinds of solutions with regards the Enterprise environment. Honestly, it wasn't as dry as it sounds and this guy in particular:
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...was incredibly funny and entertaining. I thought people might take this side of things a little too seriously based on previous experiences of more "corporate" events but it was quite loose and relaxed. Always a good thing, if you ask me. And I know you are.
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The majority of my talk focused on the methods used to hunt down YoGangsta50 and "chase him offline". We also looked at a variety of hacks, cracks and exploits from around the World. In some of the other talks, the focus seemed to be on Phishing which is really taking off here in a big way - sadly I couldn't get hold of any other presentation slides, but there were some really clever examples.

Of course, the talks here focused on Enterprise and business use. My feeling is that, for the regular users, its business as usual with regards having to avoid the nasty stuff. Here's a perfect example, right?

Anyway, the conference finally came to a close and the general opinion was that it was a worthwhile event. I had a great time and would like to thank everyone involved in making the whole thing happen, and making sure I didn't get lost and fall in a river or something.

Till next time, Singapore...

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