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It's been an interesting few weeks for Myspace - there's been a number of scams and dubious programs making their way across countless user profiles. The "fun" clearly isn't over yet, because check out the latest piece of scammery doing the rounds on everybody's favourite social networking site...

The Zango Double-dip ?

There have been a lot of articles and posts about Zango.  Most of them focus on the installation practices, lack of user notification and even how the company recently received a fine by the FTC.

This piece is not one of those.  Instead of talking about the Zango software, I would like to have a brief look together at the theoretical business model that drives Zango. 

Some relevant snippets from the Zango site:
Web publishers, content creators and providers aren't able to earn a living from their products. <Snip> online consumers have proven reluctant to pay a monthly subscription fee for access to online content and entertainment. <Snip> Zango has developed a unique solution to this economic dilemma. <Snip> With the Content Economy model, consumers are able to access and enjoy web content and entertainment for free, because when they search or browse online for products and services, they see ads from Zango advertisers. <Snip> Web publishers and content providers get paid by Zango for distributing their creative assets. Zango earns revenue from online advertisers, and thus, keeps this new Content Economy alive and thriving.
I see!  Visitors will never pay to see online content, so the content creators will never get to see a dime from their work.
So Zango's self-proclaimed raison d'etre is to provide these starving "long tail" creators/artists with some income so they can keep producing the content that everybody likes, instead of needing to beg for spare change at a mall entrance.

Surely, that's a noble cause, no?  Let's see...


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