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Sometimes, things will crawl out of the closet whether you want them to or not. In this case, the closet-dweller happened to be an ex-employee of 180 Solutions. Make sure you check the interview between the ex-180 guy and Jimmy Daniels over at ReveNews. It's one of the best chinwags regarding the inner-workings of an Adware company I've ever seen. In fact, it was so cool I managed to get it on Slashdot.

Why?....because it's always good to see a bad guy taken down, right?

A VICTORIAN has been charged over a series of high-profile international internet hacking attacks.

The 22-year-old man was arrested in Melbourne early yesterday after a joint state and federal investigation into the sophisticated attacks on internet relay chat servers in Australia last year, the federal police said.
Belgium's federal computer crime unit tipped off Australian authorities about the attacks, which used remotely controlled computer networks known as botnets.

The US, Singapore and Austria were also affected by the hacking attacks on Australian IRC servers.

More here.

More On The Botnet Bust...


Check out my interview with From the article:

"We had a tip-off from an individual known as RinCe," Chris Boyd, security research manager at FaceTime, told "With his assistance, we were able to map the activities of these groups in great detail. From there, it was a case of analyzing all the files, making the right connections, finding compromised servers and gathering more data."

...and how sweet it is.

When you're done there, we have more coverage on Techweb :

"They're using the kitchen sink approach times one hundred," said Boyd.

As far as notable quotables go, that's a cliche-laden screamer, wouldn't you say? On the other hand, it's a more than accurate description of the scam at hand. Stay frosty...

Viewpoint in Spyware Brawl


This looks like a slam-bang fist fight is developing out in the wild wild, wikki-wikki wild-wild-web (you can slap me for the poor gag later.) I just really liked the Will Smith cowboy film. I'm sorry).

Viewpoint is taking something of a beating by this chap - some mails have gone back and forth, and what will happen now is

1) Absolutely nothing at all, as it fizzles out into nothingness


2) It all kicks off with fireworks, explosions and probably some very happy lawyers.

Either way, Viewpoint interestingly reference some wrangling they are having with Paraletologic - could end up a two on one tag-team effort if Paraleto aren't too happy with Viewpoint dragging them into this thing.

/ Steps back to a safe distance and watches...


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