The SpywareGuide Blog is a resource for analysis and coverage of breaking Ad/Spy/Malware attacks, social networking scams and other dubious online activity.

125_1.jpg Chris Boyd
Director of Malware Research

Chris Boyd is a four time Microsoft MVP and CNET Top 100 Blogger.

Responsible for  numerous discoveries in security, Boyd has spoken at security conferences including RSA, ASC and InfoSec Europe.

125_2.jpg Chris Mannon
FSL Senior Threat Researcher

Chris Mannon has been following malware and virus trends his entire technical career.  He is responsible for investigating the latest scams, hijacks and malware payloads. He is also involved in greynet research, as well as exploring new potential methods for nefarious activities online.

125_3.jpgPeter Jayaraj
FSL Senior Threat Researcher

Born in Harur, Tamil Nadu, India (and a B.Tech graduate from Pondicherry Engineering College in IT) Peter has worked as an FSL Senior Threat Engineer for three and a half years.

Peter is involved in various research activities in FSL, particularly Greynets & Malwares research. He likes to analyze the connections between advertising networks in relation to new Malware.

Sean Schoolcraft - FSL Web Database Architect

Alongside making sure everything works as it should do, Sean is also involved in refining our research processes and letting everyone know when things go boom.

Then he fixes it, for which we are eternally grateful.

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