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419 Scammer Via Skype

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Well that's typical, I go on holiday and the moment I switch a PC on to check something, this appears in Skype:

stephanie kidkhyan says: how are u i hope good, my name is stephanie napapon am from thailand but live london i contant u for my late fahter consingment in afirca pls if u can help me u will take 30% of the money pls the money in the box is 5.2mioll euro.i have all the document and my passport pls i need u help ok this is my email addr stephanienapapon@yahoo.com

This person then tried their hardest to get me to ring a UK based mobile phone number. Let's think about that for a second...someone in Thailand, a father with a "consignment" in Africa and a phone number located in an entirely different continent.

Yeah, doesn't sound too convincing does it? Do yourself a favour and block this Skype address:


In the meantime, we've reported the Username involved.

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