Youtube Comment Bot Spams In Waves

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This is a rather interesting little tool. People have been making Youtube video rating tools (and spam commenters) for a while now, but with varying degrees of success.

This one combines the two, and also attempts to randomise the Bot comments to some degree, meaning Youtube may well miss a chunk of the fake ratings / messages attached to each video.

Shall we take a look?

This is the rating / comment bot in question, taking the form of an application wrapped around IE:

Youtube Comment Bot, originally uploaded by Paperghost.

In an attempt to win a game of "miss the Bot", the program preloads 50 accounts and numerous comments, and divides the accounts across five "wave" buttons, each containing 10 Youtube accounts. When a user runs the program, the following file is dropped into the Win32 Folder:


It doesn't appear to do anything harmful to the target PC - it simply acts as the source for the account logins and comments.

Anyway, depending on which wave you select, a randomly selected account from each group of ten tries to login to Youtube and rate / comment on a video of your choosing. Some of the accounts have already been flagged by Youtube, so they're not doing quite as well as they'd hoped:

Account Disabled, originally uploaded by Paperghost.

It's easy enough to find some of their success stories, however.

Here's one:

Youtube Comment Bot Spam, originally uploaded by Paperghost.

Here's another, it's Banhammer time:


As you might have guessed, this program has been in circulation on numerous hacking forums for a couple of weeks now and in general, the comments are being posted to videos promoting fake programs that are actually infection files.

Not that you should ever take notice of Youtube comments anyway, of course...

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