VGA Awards Trailers Used As Bait For Spam Offers

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The VGA awards took place yesterday, and in the mad dash to see the trailers from the show online spam bait such as this is appearing on sites such as Youtube:


From there, you're taken through a long chain of sites asking for a "Minute of your time" to select and fill in one of a wide range of offers involving sites such as

An "end game" set of selections are all lumped together on this splash page:

with all of the landing pages hosted at

Quite a lot of hard work for some advert spam, and at every landing page you're told the "free videos" are one step away (even though they all turn out to be adverts and offers). There's $1000 gas cards, Mc Donalds VS Burger King and "Soda survey" (exciting!) to choose from, along with lots of other offers I couldn't possibly recommend filling in. Of particular note is the "favourite twitter celeb":

twitter celeb, originally uploaded by Paperghost.

What's slightly more worrying is the above offers are geographically targeted - if you're outside the States, you're dropped onto this URL:

If you're in Europe, the page is blank. But if you go back with a US IP address, you may be served up with an embedded Facebook login page to access an application called "Loot" or an application called "Fish Isle":

Facebook Ad, originally uploaded by Paperghost.

While this appears to be a legit ad and not a phish , served up from

...the practice of popping login prompts from random redirection scripts is not a good one, and not something end-users should be trained in. That could just as easily have been something more malicious, and (funnily enough) only makes me somewhat suspicious of the applications being advertised.

Marketing fail?

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