Banned Console Owners Beat The System - With Stickers

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Since the highly publicised wave of console bans for anybody found pirating XBox games (and, to a lesser extent cheating on the XBox Live network) there seems to be a rather popular item appearing all the time on sites such as EBay.

Shall we see what it is?

Let's fire up EBay, and see how early a suggestion appears for the item we're looking for:


...oh dear. Why would people buy a warranty sticker for a games console? Simple:


Nobody is going to take your console as a "broken" return from the place you bought it when the warranty is screaming "leet hax", right? Warranty sticker sale waves seem to come and go on trading / selling sites, but they seem to be coming back into fashion at the moment. Here's a few samples:


As you can see, a reasonable moneymaker for the seller. I particularly like the text on this one:
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That's right, a sticker for your COLLECTION! I guess these are the new Pokemon cards.

Here's one final batch - appearently these are the newer type of warranty sticker, which greatly increase your chances of getting a new console out of the store you bought it from (instead of them hitting you with the "cheater" stick and chasing you out of the building).


I'll stick with Pokemon, I think...

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