House MD - Prescribing Fake AV

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There seems to be a fair bit of spam floating around trying to direct end-users to

which is a website stuffed full of  Halloween style imagery.

Midnight TV - Fakery Ahoy, originally uploaded by Paperghost.

The promise of "free online House MD episodes" is no doubt an alluring one to fans of the show used to hunting down episodes online:


Unfortunately for them, there are no episodes - only computer related doom and awfulness in the form of...well, take a look at the installer URL and see if you can guess what it gives you (hint: it isn't the promised codec):


"pcvirusscan2"? This isn't going to be one of those fake antivirus programs, is it?...

Total Security - Rogue AV
, originally uploaded by Paperghost.


Here's a post on a security forum from one victim:

"It downloaded "Total Security" instead of the episode and said I had all sorts of viruses and needed to purchase it."


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