Google Wave "Invite Generator" Programs - Avoid!

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If you still don't have a Google Wave invite, you may want to be aware of the following while trying everything you can to obtain one.

We're seeing quite a few programs being circulated in relation to Google Wave at the moment - some originate from script kiddy forums, others hail from parts unknown.

In both cases, these programs all claim to automatically generate a Google Wave invite.

Here's an example of one such program lurching out of a leet hax site that's already flagging up on Virustotal with a low detection rate; very nice it looks too, lifting the content from this page here.

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Of more concern, however, is something that's been popping up on numerous forums over the last week or two in the form of what is likely XRumer assisted spamming. In each case, this person pops up on a site and claims to have been a longtime user, before offering up a program that will (of course) double up as a means of making some quick money while giving you all the Google Wave invites you could possibly want:

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Humorously - or not, as the case may be - the spammer hasn't quite got the hang of this yet because if you look at the supposedly reassuring "Virus scan" results they managed to leave in scan results that claim the file is infected!

Whoops. Anyway, the download location looks even more suspicious when you're taken to a site that contains text files of the forum spam listed above, spam related keywords and an XRumer instruction manual.


Fire up the program, and you're presented with this:

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Note that it asks for an email address and password, which is highly dubious - worst case scenario, end users could unthinkingly send a current email / password combination into the wide blue yonder with no idea who is at the other end. Should you hit the "Generate Invite" button, the program promptly crashes...a favourite ploy of programs that claim to give you the Earth and everthing in it, but suffer a last minute technical hitch while they get up to mischief in the background.

Should you take a quick look at the real VirusTotal scan results, it's clear there are some strange things afoot with 12 out of 41 security vendors detecting this program as a threat.

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While I haven't had nearly as much time examining this file as I'd like, all of the above is more than enough to have me strongly advise against downloading / running this program - or indeed, any of the tools currently in circulation claiming to get you quick access to Google Wave.

Patience is most definitely a virtue, and it might just be a PC saver too...

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