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Now that I've induced headaches and nosebleeds, let me walk you through a scam related to the upcoming New Moon movie, the second in a series of...oh, I don't know....let's roll with twelve. Twelve movies guaranteed to make you pull your hair out.


Youtube is filling up with lots of clips that look like this...

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...and like the one below. There are some rude words, but it's important to note many of these scam vids are relying on the audience desire to see the two leads of the Twilight films bumping uglies.

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So anyway, the viewer goes running off to the sites mentioned - one of which is a dubious looking Forex trading site, and I don't need to tell you that FOREX SCAMS ARE BAD - and the "install link", which is a redirect URL:

....charming...and you arrive on a Zango install splash page, located at

which shows you lots of pictures of Iron Man, The Joker and some other random movie people in the background with Ye Olde Zango Installer in the middle of the screen. At this point, I should mention Zango have altered their "Cancel Install" button, which famously made no sense whatsoever:


"Click OK to Cancel or Click "Cancel" to continue the installation".

Well, here's the new version. It also makes no sense whatsoever, though it isn't quite as brain melting as the first.


"To quit and not install, click OK. To continue installing Zango and cancel this notice, click Cancel".


Should you install Zango, you won't get any free movie. You won't see the red hot boinky-boinky action you were promised.

What you will see, is this website promising to "burn your boredom":

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Amazingly - or not - New Moon is nowhere to be seen, and all of the "movies to watch" resolve to a URL that looks like this:


As you might have guessed, you won't be watching any free movies anytime soon. The site above is, feel free to add it to your blocklists.

Oh, and don't be writing angry Twilight fan letters shouting at me because I said there'd be twelve films and how I'm slamming it without knowing the subject matter at hand. As everybody knows, there are four books, there will be four films, and they will all be terrible.

....I'm doing it again, aren't I?

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