Conference - "Game Over, Man: Gamers Under Fire"

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Next month - October 6th & 7th - I'll be at the Conference, talking about a subject close to my heart: how lots of rather naughty people are using consoles to both cheat the system and attack other users, via spam, DDoS and account theft. Is it abstract extract time?

I think it is.

Game Over, Man: Gamers Under Fire - Chris Boyd

An exploration of security issues relating to consoles and their risks to both home users and the business environment. This will include issues such as custom built DDoS tools, social engineering of Microsoft support staff, account theft, the risk to businesses and personal tips to keep your own details secure. I'll also examine the trade of stolen Xbox accounts in return for credit cards, how the rewards that companies give gamers make them targets because of inadequate privacy features and how free programs allow hackers to exploit profanity filters, paid content and even the profiles themselves.

As you may know, I've spent a lot of time digging around script kiddy forums. By and large, most of what I see isn't very impressive. However, for a while now there's been an interesting offshoot of hacking forums, with entire sections devoted to console hacks and attacks. There's an impressive amount of technical knowledge and skill going into the creation of hacking tools for consoles, hacking the console itself and doing all sorts of horrible things to the people that use them.

Some of the techniques used to turn an otherwise harmless lump of content restricted plastic - whose very soul is supposedly on the leash of the company who made it - into something you can spend all day annoying somebody with never fails to amaze me.

How many companies now have gaming / recreation rooms with a console just plugged in and left to its own devices? How many parents mistakenly think the worst thing that'll befall their kid is seeing someone get their head blown off on GTA4?

They're all accidents waiting to happen, and the general promotion of consoles as these "unhackable, unsinkable" battleships of gaming is something that needs to be examined in greater detail.

It's not just PCs under fire anymore...

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