Leave Your Adblock Plus At The Door

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When you see an advert like this one, you know it's going to lead you on a merry dance:


Sure enough, click it and you'll arrive at


where somebody has turned out the lights IF you happen to be running adblock software:

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Nice. If you do ait long enough, a bizarre advert for Ye Olde Forex Trading slides into view regardless of whether you disable Adblock Plus or not:


....yeah, avoid Forex sites like tha plague. Anyway, should you disable Adblock Plus you're dumped into an advert overload with popup warnings, donate buttons, strange spinny things and a bunch of Google ads rambling on about male escorts.

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Yes, you too can enjoy the delights of Bollywood, Hollywood and, uh, Lollywood? Never heard of that one. As you might expect, the content is a long list of ripped movies that you can grab from various sources - or so they claim. What actually happens is you end up wading through lots of Linkbucks links, before being dumped on movie-themed adverts that want you to enter

a) every aspect of personal details or
b) download media themed "software" from pages written entirely in German.

Can't say either prospect really appeals to me...


You article is quite useful.

Lollywood - refers to Lahore in Pakistan. You might also come across Nollywood (Nigiera).

The things we pick up in passing...

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