Incoming: Fake FBI Warnings

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A number of underground websites have come up with a fun "game", which involves defacing websites then changing the frontpage to look like this:

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This website is under investigation

This web site belonged to a recently prosecuted criminal and is being used as a tool in an investigation to catch online criminals.

Your IP xxxxxxxx has been logged. Your ISP, xxxxxxxxx will be contacted, your contact information subpoenaed, and you may be personally contacted by a FBI agent.

There's a handy, ready-to-roll kit for site defacers to upload once they've hijacked a site - helping you pretend to be law enforcement without any pesky delays:


Of course, there are a few clues that seeing the above shouldn't place you into a frenzy of panic - most notably, the typo ("and you may be personally contacted by a FBI agent"). Even better than that, we know Law Enforcement don't place silly warnings on websites that might have been defaced or tangled up in hacking. That would just muddy waters and confuse everybody.


Move along, nothing to see here...

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