"Google Hiring" Spammers Update Their Image

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Remember these guys?

Well, they're back on Twitter, and they've ditched random pictures of peoples faces - instead, they now use cute little bird graphics, presumably to make you think they're somehow official or related to Twitter itself. Examples...





There's a lot of these profiles around at the moment - ignore / block the lot of them and hope Twitter gets a grip on this fresh wave of spammers...

/ Update: According to comments left on the blog, the images are the new default "auto image" for profiles that don't have a picture. However, the same rule applies: Anyone promoting "Google hiring" messages should be blocked / reported. I've also replied to criticism of this entry here.


These spammers aren't adding the bird pics themselves and they are not trying to make you think anything with the birds. Twitter assigned those birds to them when they made their accounts.

Twitter is phasing out the classic "brownie" pic with the face o_O.

Those cute little bird graphics are the new default avatars for people that don't want to upload a pic.

I have some clueless friends without pics that were automatically switched to them, recently.

Actually, the cute little bird graphics are Twitter's recent replacement for the default O_o icon. So, in other words, they're too lazy to even define an icon.

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