Fake Youtube Pages And Seekmo

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Fake Youtube pages are normally the domain of fake media codecs and other scams. Here, we have two examples (hat-tip to Steven Burn of the hpHosts Blog and the Ur I.T. Mate sites for pointing these out to me) that promise the ability to view naughty movies online - yes, just like the fake media codec sites - but serve up something a little different.

The sites in question are evideofreak.com and videoguidez.com. Visit either, and you'll see something like this:

Fake player ahoy, originally uploaded by Paperghost.

Randomly selected images of people indulging in rudieries appear down the right hand side, and a fake video (complete with star ratings, view counts etc that has clearly been ripped directly from Youtube) sits in the middle, claiming you can see the goodies within if you install "Dream Media Player". Hover over the video, and you'll see the download URL at the bottom of the image which happens to be


Licenseacquisition.org is a domain that's been home to Zango installers for many years (now owned by Pinballcorp.com, who took them over when they went boom not so long ago). Do you think we might see files that have a Zango-ish feel to them once the install is complete?


Setup, originally uploaded by Paperghost.

Seekmo, also owned by Pinballcorp. In this case, you do actually get something to play with once the install is over - besides Seekmo and ShopperReports - in the form of this bizarre radio / TV streaming program:

DMP, originally uploaded by Paperghost.

However, the program in no way allows you to watch any of the promised movies on either of the above sites, due to the fact that they don't exist.

Another scam, pure and simple with promises that simply don't materialise once the install is done and dusted. What's particularly alarming here is that after a (relatively) quiet period of Zango not showing up in screwball installations, they seem to be popping up and more in recent months.

I don't think I can recall seeing a Zango / Seekmo file popping up on a fake Youtube video page before, so someone definitely needs to tighten things up in the "crazy affiliate" department.

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