Emule And Weather Doohickeys

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"Download unlimited movies with Emule", it says on the front of emuledownload.org.

Fakey Mc Fake Pants, originally uploaded by Paperghost.

Hover over the image that launches the executable download and you see this in your browser:


"emule.exe". Of course, anybody hitting download isn't going to get a copy of Emule. Hit the link, and you'll see this:


Yes, a file from the Pinballpublishernetwork. You know, the guys who bought the still twitching corpse of Zango. Now, I don't know about you but anytime I see something promised in return for Zango it has a tendancy to go horribly wrong. I'm sure that won't be the case here, tho -

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...wait, Hotbar? Where is my copy of Emule?

On the bright side, you now have an awesome doohickey in your System tray that tells you the weather.


That's better than being given what you were promised, right?

...it's not? Oh.

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