The Matrix Online Dies, Is Replaced By Toolbars

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My foot, your head., originally uploaded by Paperghost.

The Matrix Online, an ill-fated MMORPG that finally had the plug pulled this week has apparently prompted a mini-rash of scammery on Youtube. This is what it looked like yesterday:

Enter the Matrix (about a million times over), originally uploaded by Paperghost.

Yes, with the death of the game nostalgic Matrix fever is suddenly alive and well! All of these videos show up when searching for "Matrix Online", unsurprisingly. I particularly love the fake "removal" messages contained in some of the videos:

Anyone familiar with Youtube knows that if a video is removed, you get a "video has been deleted" message - they certainly don't let the uploader put a message in its place letting everybody know what's happened. Regardless, they state the Matrix Revolutions has been deleted due to a copyright claim by the hilariously generic "LLC Media" company.

Yes, of course.

Anyway, luckily we can access the film from the link in the description. To be more accurate, you can access a spamblog from the link (similar to the sites that peddle Zango in return for ripped movies), and clicking the movie link from the spamblog will present you with this:

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"You will be automatically redirected to a working video page after toolbar installation".

All lies, obviously (and the above is nothing more than a fake Youtube Gif with a spinning wheel in the middle), but let's see what happens anyway. If you're allergic to seeing installer pages that induce headaches you might want to look away now:

Photoshop frenzy, originally uploaded by Paperghost.

...yikes. Note the pre-ticked checkbox (if you can) that changes your homepage, along with the unfortunately placed "Never dies" under the installer button. A little jiggery pokery later, and you've installed the Firefox .xpi. Restart the browser, and....

EYES. GOGGLES. NOTHING. originally uploaded by Paperghost.

....your web browser is now officially hideous. In addition, there's no spoon, no Neo and no "free" movie.

There's a shocker.

Some of the videos on Youtube have been removed already, but at time of writing there's still a few of them kicking around. You might think people know these "watch a movie online" websites that offer up toolbars, installers and surveys are nothing but a scam but there's a good chunk of people out there who will fall for it, every time.

Don't be one of them...

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