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Since the Neopets story has had coverage on Fox news, I've noticed something a little bizarre - a lot of people on various Neopets forums and websites seem to be attributing the issues talked about in the story to an entirely unrelated exploit that's doing the rounds on the Neopets site, then dismissing it altogether.

For example:






Alongside lots of comments similar to the above, there's quite a few blog posts out there that do handily talk about this "cookie grabbing" issue they seem to have (that's good), but they also attribute what's being talked about in the Fox piece to cookie grabbing (that's bad).

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That would have been quite the achievement by myself, as I only heard about this Neopets cookie grabbing for the first time a few hours ago! So, just to confirm 100% - the issue talked about in the Fox piece is absolutely NOTHING TO DO with cookie grabbing. While there might be some horrible issue currently rampaging around Neopets that's all about scripting, stealing and cookies this never was, and never will be, about said problem.

I'm not entirely sure how so many people made the leap from "sending private messages, installing Malware then scraping information from the infected PC" to "somehow hackers are stealing credit card details directly from the Neopets site, this must be about cookie grabbers, but cookie grabbers can't do that anyway so the whole thing is nonsense" but there you go.

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