The Megan Fox Sex Tape.....Isn't (Probably)

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There's a link currently being spammed around Youtube that goes a little something like this:


Head over to, and you're greeted with an obviously fake "movie" image that's actually just been lifted from an FHM shoot (you can see the logo if you "view image location").

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Press play, and...


....well, I'm shocked. Fancy having to "complete a survey" in order to view the supposed movie. I love the reasoning given for hitting you with this popup - "video hosting is expensive".

That must be one extremely long movie.

Depending on your region, you'll be taken to all manner of surveys, quizzes and questionaires. I didn't bother to fill any of them in, but something tells me if a celebrity sex tape was suddenly in circulation, there'd be quite a few more places talking about it than one oddball site asking you questions about UGG boots.

Couldn't you just go and watch that Transformers film instead?


The IP address that currently resolves to is [] and this is listed at SpamHaus with a scaving review.

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