"Free Points" Phish

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There's a Windows Live ID phish doing the rounds at the moment, aimed at XBox gamers and their overwhelming desire to obtain FREE STUFF. Namely, XBox Live points. Here's the site, which is located at mspsite.t35.com:

Free Microsoft Points Scam, originally uploaded by Paperghost.

It contains the usual nonsense designed to make the victim sit around doing nothing while the phisher changes their login information:

"This website uses an exploit found on the xbox live website. Using this exploit correctly means you can edit your amount of microsoft points on your account. As the flaw is on the Singapore websites, People living outside of singapore may need to wait up to 24 hours for there points..."

Once you enter the info, your account is as good as gone along with anything you have attached to it. If you think people don't fall for things like this, here's the proof:

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Chalk up one victim to the above site. There's bound to be more...

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