Congrats! You was choosen!

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...."choosen"? Oh, this is going to be one of those scam attempts, isn't it?

Stepping up to the plate of fail this time round is

A site that claims to be a "Sony Beta Center", where you can gain special access to upcoming titles such as these....

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Quite why the background to a supposed Sony website is some sort of Elf thing from World of Warcraft, I couldn't tell you. Also of note is the wonderfully fictitious "Grand Theft Auto: Boston".

Yeah, right.

Anyway, at this point it normally decends into a phishing farce. Not this time, however:

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"1st. Sign up to the website below. Use the link below.
2nd. You need to have one offer confirm.
3rd. You need more than 1 cent, not including the $1 dollar bonus in your July earnings.
4th. You must do the offer for us to send you the a beta code.
Please read everything below!"


"Note: If you don't seethe daily jokes offer you can do Arcamax Recipes, or Health Newsletter. Make sure your pending earnings go into July earnings. If you don't do the offer, then it want confirm and you will just be mad at Sony when you don't get a beta code."

Health newsletters? Arcamax recipes? What?

As it turns out, the whole "game beta" thing is nothing to do with phishing at all - rather, they just want you to sign up to about a billion different Cashcrate offers, and if you do, then you'll really really really REALLY be sent Beta keys to your PSN account. Honest.

"When your offer confirms on the site (Meaning your pending earnings has went into your July earnings), go to your message center and reply to the message.

Include your PSN ID name and the 3 betas you want. Example = PS3GAMING500 -PSN ID

Once you reply to the message in the message center, we will check to see if the offer is in your July Earnings. If so, we will send your beta code to the message center on Cashcrate and your PSN ID."

I think I'm going to have to call shenanigans on this one, even if they do have a really official looking Youtube channel...


Hi Christopher,

Thanks for your sharing here. I'm seldomly receive many spam through popup windows.. since I install noadware tools, the problem can reduce as well.

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