Zango Affiliate Site In "No Value At All" Shocker

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Here's the latest site to avoid due to it being completely worthless:

Like so many others of its ilk, it promises tons of "free movies" in return for you installing Zango.

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Shall I show you a screenshot of the funky installer before it all goes horribly wrong? Okay then. I know you love pictures of installers; who am I to argue?

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Wow, "100% free unlimited access to 10000+ videos"! I guess this is the point where I say "Imagine your dismay, then, as you fire up the prompt, click Start, install Zango and click on the "Play" button for Transformers 2, only to find...."


....that you're clicking a link taking you to instead.

What, you didn't actually think one of these pot boilers was ever going to turn out to be the real deal, did you? Oh, you didn't? Why am I not surprised...

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