Yes, I Would Like To Hack Myself

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Step 1: Obtain a wonderfully cool looking "Gmail Hacker" program.


Step 2: Enter the GMail address of your intended victim, without stopping to wonder why the application is asking for YOUR login details too:


Step 3: Find yourself dazzled by flashing lights and progress bars after you hit the "Hack Them" button.


...ooh. Progress bars.

Step 4
: Pull a sad face as your wonderful hacking program informs you that there "was a problem".


Man, I didn't see that one coming at all.

Step 5: Take up astral projection, float over to the program creators house, wind back time (hey, if you can project yourself in an astral fashion you've probably mastered the art of time travel too) and ask yourself why they're putting their own GMail details into the building tool that creates the GMail hacking program you'll soon be playing with:


Step 6: Wind time forward a bit then check out the latest EMail he's just been sent. Amazingly enough, it came from the hacking program you tried to run earlier. Not so amazingly, it contains your OWN login details.


Congratulations, you just hacked yourself.

Don't you feel so much better now?

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