Pay Per Click Autoclickers

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There's quite a few autoclickers around at the moment (programs that will attempt to cheat pay per click networks) - thankfully the majority seem to be fairly unreliable. Like this one:

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A custom built web browser designed with the affiliate clickfrauder in mind, it gives everything the budding cheat could want.

Apart from a working program, that is. But hey, error messages can be fun too!

This next one is a little slicker, however, and doesn't seem to crash and burn once you fire it up.

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You want options? You got options! Select who you'd like to defraud today:


Decide which "clicking model" to roll with:


Is it proxy time yet? It is? Oh dear.


You know, I'd be willing to bet money this thing has the ability to fake browsers to go with your phoney clicks...


...sigh. And let's not forget the obligatory "About" ramble, which seems rather down where the whole "use of this program by PTC owners" idea is concerned.


I wonder why...

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