Malware Pushers Jump On #Neda Twitter Tag

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You've probably already seen what happened to Neda - it was inevitable that people with dubious intentions would seize upon this event as a cheap way to make some money.

Sure enough, we're seeing a fair few links starting to go out on Twitter that mention Neda, which (if clicked) will take the end-user to fake Codec installers. In other words, this...


...will lead to this:

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The danger, of course, is that with this being such an emotive issue many people might simply assume the links are genuinely about something and retweet them without checking first. Thankfully, seem to be catching a lot of these links:

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I had no idea they did that...


Jesus christ. :/

These tactics are disgusting and depressing.

I've been watching everything unfold, like, as it happens -- saw the Neda video very early.

This is not right. :|

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