iPhone Twitter Messages Lead To Male Enhancement Spam

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Given the furore over the new iPhone 3.0 OS hitting recently, it's no surprise that spammers are taking advantage of this on Twitter. Already, we've seen iPhone spam leading to high definition TV offers, and sure enough there's a fresh campaign now doing the rounds.

 If you see something like this:


...then it's a fair bet clicking the link will take you to a "male enhancement" website complete with pictures of men's bits that you'd probably rather not see in work or whatever:

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The URL in question is


Interestingly, aside from the usual deluge of spam profiles pimping the links, we've heard there are regular Twitter users complaining about being "hacked" and sending these same messages. In all probability, there's a phishing aspect to this particular campaign and that's why people are seeing these messages go out from their own accounts.

As a final note, the title of the spam appears to be taken from this article on MobileCrunch.

Be careful what you click...

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