"BNP Leader Shot" Twitter Spamrun Leads To Cancer Support Blog(!)

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Well, this is something you don't see everyday.

There's a fair amount of spambot profiles clogging up Twitter at the moment, all of which look a little like this and claim a British National Party leader has been shot and killed:


There's quite a few of them about, check out the Twitter Trends page.


Bizarrely, all of them take you to what looks like a genuine cancer support blog.

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I'd like to think the owner of such a site wouldn't be crazy enough to attempt to drive traffic using spambots in this very surreal fashion, so I can only hope they saw a "promote your site" package and it wasn't quite what they were expecting...


I am surprised the frequency of the Tweets is not greater than less than 1 a minute. Still 1 a minute is enough...

Searching Twitter for the URL from that post also reveals a tweet claiming that thousands had died from H1N1 in Australia, and several others claiming that various celebs died in car crashes.

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