You Get What You Pay For

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Yet another cookie cutter movie site that gives you little or nothing in return for installing Adware? Yes please!

Much as I'd love to show you the part where it all goes horribly wrong, let's set the scene.

First, you need to throw together a website about an upcoming movie. How about.....

Yeah, that'll do it.

Obviously, you need to put the site up for sale as quick as you can.

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Let's make it perfectly obvious that the only reason the site exists is to trade off Adware in exchange for ripped movies:

"It also does have a streaming site ( which have the full movie streaming online (movie hosted on others video sharing host).

Most of the site income came from its streaming site which I have installed zango. It does pretty well with zango( look at the pageview per install ration on attachment).

Dragonball evolution the movie will be released in the United States this April 10, 2009. So make this the deal fast before someone else does!"

...but let's throw up a ludicrous "disclaimer" anyway:


Of course, you need to install Zango to watch the film:


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Setting aside the age problem - you need to be 18+ to install Zango, and how many people over 18 are seriously going to go looking for the Dragonball Evolution movie? - there's also the problem of it going horribly wrong.

Did I say horribly wrong?


...whoops, I guess I did.

Enjoy your "film", kids.

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