More "Facebook Freezers"

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I've written about Freezers before - in short, programs designed to repeatedly spam the login for various sites & services with the victims EMail address and randomly generated passwords, until the account is locked out.

These Freezers take many forms, and have numerous features including built in browsers, progress bars and the ability to endlessly spam the target account until the PC melts or the account is permabanned, whichever comes first.

Well, here's another one, and it looks considerably better than the first (and that was no slouch in the looks department to begin with). As you can see, this one targets both Messenger Live and Facebook (alternating between the two with a nicely done set of tabs).

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The "Freeze" and "Skip Freezing" buttons are very chunky (it's all very 2.0, isn't it) and there are options for "help", "support" and an "about" panel too. Although the Windows Live Freezer didn't appear to function correctly, the Facebook Freezer caused the same problems as the program I wrote about a few weeks ago. Fire it up, walk away, leave it running for a few hours and when you return, the account will have been disabled - leaving the account owner with the prospect of trying to reactivate it, or skip the hassle and start from scratch.

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As before, the best (and only) advice you can really give where these tools are concerned is to avoid handing out your EMail address used for various social networking sites to strangers. If the site you use insists on showing your address to visitors, look for the option to hide it.

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